National Award for the Teaching of Architecture

The Prize began in Portugal in 2012 with the signing of a protocol between the Serra Henriques Foundation and the Archiprix Foundation, aimed at distinguishing the best Master's works in Architecture from all Portuguese faculties.

Thanks to the immediate commitment to the participation and innovative matrix of teachers and students in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping, the Prize is recognized as the main national award for young architects and a portrait of the best in teaching in these fields.

Every year, the Serra Henriques Foundation reinforces the scope of the Award, in close collaboration with all Universities, Higher Institutes, the Order of Architects, the Portuguese Association of Urban Planners, the Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects, the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Casa da Arquitectura and DoCoMoMo International, enhancing it through partnerships with entities of Public Administration, Education and Culture. thus giving greater exposure to the profile of all finalists.

The Serra Henriques Foundation publishes and distributes free of charge a yearbook with the nominated projects, their authors and tutors, which were not only considered by each institution as the most representative of the quality of Architecture education in Portugal, but also passed the careful scrutiny of the Jury panels made up of eminent professionals in these areas.

2023 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2023 was awarded to the work '(NOVA) Mente EU', on a Housing project for Homeless Communities, by Marco António Silva, from the University of Lisbon, supervised by Margarida Louro. In the categories of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, the prizes were awarded to the project by Duarte Santos, from the University of Coimbra under the guidance of Nuno Grande, who presented a proposal for the conversion of the Leça da Palmeira Refinery.

Jury: Paulo Seco, Paula Pacheco, Paula Simões, António Amado, Giacomo Ciavattini, Miguel Baptista-Bastos.

2022 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2022 was awarded to Giacomo Ciavattini from FAUP with the work Countryside, Catalytic transformation for a farm in the Marche region, Italy, under the supervision of Filipa Castro Guerreiro and co-supervision by Carla Garrido de Oliveira.

Jury: Adelino Gonçalves, Carlos Correia Dias, Raquel Pereira, Rute Afonso, Andreia Garcia, Pedro Gadanho.

2021 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2021 was awarded to Ana Raquel Batista Pereira from ISCTE, under the guidance of Professor Patrícia Mendes Barbas, with the project "Field as Infrastructure".

Jury: Walter Rossa, Sónia Talhé Azambuja, Pedro Brito, Pedro Bandeira, Nuno Tavares da Costa, Marta Rodrigues and José Veludo.

2020 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2020 was awarded to Pedro Brito from the University of Évora - School of Arts Integrated Master in Architecture, under the supervision of Professor João Gabriel Candeias Dias Soares, with the project VILA DA FUZETA, BETWEEN THE SEA AND THE LAND REVEALING ARCHITECTURES, ROUTES AND LAGOON HORIZONS.

Jury: Jorge Marum, Fátima Fernandes, João Cerejeiro, Paulo Pardelha, Carlos Castanheira, Andriy Shulyachuk and Maria Manuel Godinho de Almeida.

2019 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2020 was awarded to Andriy Shulyachuk from the University of Lisbon - Faculty of Architecture | Integrated Master's Degree in Architecture, under the supervision of Professor João Sousa Morais and co-supervision of Francisco Oliveira, with the project THE STREET AS A (RE)STRUCTURING ELEMENT.

Jury: João Nasi Pereira, Lígia Nunes, João Oliveira, Rita Guedes, Pedro Baganha, Teresa Almeida and Guilherme Machado Vaz.

2018 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2018 was awarded to João Oliveira from the University of Lisbon, under the supervision of Professor Joana Malheiro and co-supervision of João Sousa Morais, with the project INTERSTICES OF URBAN DUALISM IN MAPUTO.

Jury: Mário Sua Kay, Alejandro Hermida, Marta Labastida, Domingos Lopes, Miguel Amado, Paula Santos and Pedro Frade.

2017 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2017 was awarded to Pedro Frade from the Autonomous University of Lisbon, under the supervision of Professor Francisco Aires Mateus, with the project CASA, COZINHA, HORTO, EM ALCÁCER DO SAL.

Jury: Catarina Raposo, Célia Gomes, Daniel Jiménez, João Santa-Rita, Luís Santiago Baptista, Maria Souto Moura, Nuno Grande.

2016 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2016 was awarded to David Monteiro from the University of Porto - Faculty of Architecture, under the supervision of Professor Helder Casal-Ribeiro, with the project FROM THE GENESIS OF PLACE TO PROJECT.

Jury: Inês Moreira, Joana Barrelas, Luís Guedes Carvalho, Pedro Reis and Sidónio Pardal.

2015 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2015 was awarded to Ana Filipa Paisano from the University of Lisbon - Faculty of Architecture, under the supervision of Professor José Beirão and co-supervision of Pedro Pacheco, with the project VALE‐PARQUE TODOROKI_CENTRO INTERPRETATIVO.

Jury: Paulo Alburquerque Goinhas, Jakub Szczesny, Daniela Arnaut, Pedro Guimarães and Paulo Tormenta Pinto.

2014 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2014 was awarded to Mariana Serra Brandão from Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon School of Technologies and Architecture, under the supervision of Professor José Luís Saldanha and co-supervision of Paulo Tormenta Pinto, with the project REVITALIZAR A CIDADE OCULTA.

Jury: Luís Tavares Pereira, Xavier Monteys, Daniela Arnaut, António Louro, Jorge Firmino Nunes.

2013 Edition

The Archiprix Prize 2013 was awarded to António Amado from the Technical University of Lisbon - Faculty of Architecture, under the supervision of Professor Carlos Francisco Lucas Dias Coelho, with the project RIO AS AN URBAN ELEMENT. And João Torres from the Technical University of Lisbon - Faculty of Architecture, under the supervision of Professor António Lobato Santos and co-supervision of Tiago Mota Saraiva, with the project (RE) THINKING THE ALCÂNTARA KNOT THROUGH A HYBRID BUILDING.

Jury: Ana Rocha, Cristina Veríssimo, Filipe Afonso, João Rocha, Michel Toussaint.