Traditional Building Arts and Crafts Network

The Serra Henriques Foundation's mission is also to promote and stimulate research, preservation, education, dissemination and conservation of the traditional architectural, constructive and urban heritage that defines the different regions of Portugal.

Tests of natural finishes for metallurgy, carpentry and tiles.


Porto Brandão hosted a new practical session of traditional techniques in the areas of metallurgy, carpentry and tiles.

The session was held on the 16th of November, in partnership with the Traditional Constructive Cultures Foundation and the Pedrez, Limalha and Tardoz ateliers, with the participation of masters and artisans demonstrating the arts of working metal, wood and tiles. It is intended to highlight the opportunity and relevance of traditional crafts in construction, using local materials, favoring the preservation of jobs, regional identity, unique knowledge and cultures, innovating and adding value for the revitalization of local economies.

Three different crafts were brought together in an interactive session, where dozens of participants were able to experience and understand the richness of traditional crafts in rehabilitation or new construction works.

Tests of natural finishes for wood and metals

13th, 14th and 15th May 2022 | ARTS AND CRAFTS WORKSHOP | PORTO BRANDÃO

Practical session of introduction to the formulation and application of forest-based finishes for wood and metals.

The exploitation of forest by-products and the sustainability of construction are closely linked concepts that were once part of both building construction and shipbuilding. These so-called "traditional" techniques are now a valuable recipe for the circular economy.

In this workshop we will address some finishing techniques for wood and metals based on oak galls, vegetable waxes, beeswax, animal and vegetable resins, oils and other agro-forestry resources. We will explore everything from the preparation of the wood to the preparation of the ingredients, their mixing and application.

The workshop has a practical and experimental character, being suitable for students and professionals interested in the development of artisanal treatments for wood and metals.