Cycle of Conversations with Urban Planners

The Portuguese Association of Urban Planners and the Serra Henriques Foundation have been promoting the Cycle of Conversations with Urban Planners since 2022.

This is another initiative developed by the Foundation in the field of urban policies and planning in permanent collaboration with guardianships, professional associations, universities and municipalities.

At a time when spatial planning and urbanism are gaining greater importance, whether due to the new challenges raised by recent legislative changes, or the imperative to adapt to new climatic phenomena, or even the need to resume (and reassess) the normality of our daily lives, the professional practice of urban planning requires increased skills that are recognized and valued, dignifying and holding accountable those who practice the activity.

Presentation of the Portuguese Association of Urban Planners

The Serra Henriques Foundation organised this initiative in collaboration with the Directorates of the Portuguese Association of Territorial Planners, the Professional Association of Portuguese Urban Planners and the Association of Portuguese Urban Planners, as part of the process of unification of the three associations, which they agreed and developed.

This solemn session, which took place at the Centro Cultural de Belém, culminates that process and corresponds to the constitution of the new professional association of Portuguese urban planners, the APU - Portuguese Association of Urban Planners.