National Meeting of Municipalities with Historic Center

Between the 10th and 12th of November, the XVIII National Meeting of Municipalities with a Historic Centre took place in Almada and had the partnership of the Serra Henriques Foundation through the joint realization of a photographic exhibition, in Porto Brandão, entitled 'Preserving heritage and Projecting the Future'.

Over the course of three days, the different realities of Portuguese historic centres were discussed, their problems and challenges in revitalization and modernization, but also in safeguarding heritage and the social fabric, and the role of sustainable tourism.

The meeting offered a reflection on tourism and its impact, both as a factor of development and regeneration, but also as a possible threat to the built heritage, traditional activities and the permanence of the resident population.

In the opening session, Inês de Medeiros, mayor of Almada, referred to the work carried out by the municipality in the field of urban revitalization, with emphasis on some ongoing projects. Highlight for the presentation of some projects in the municipality, such as the requalification of the old EDP building, by the architect Keil do Amaral, which will be transformed, with a project signed by the architect Ricardo Bak Gordon, into the new services building and Town Hall, of the former Cooper's House in Porto Brandão, rehabilitated by the architect Gonçalo Frias, and the restoration of one of Trafaria's emblematic houses, located next to the embarkation pier, by the architect Tetesuia Vilela.

Among the topics under discussion were also the coexistence between housing and leisure, the provision of housing for permanent rental, issues of the transformation of uses of buildings, local accommodation, mobility and urban cleaning, or financing and legislative instruments.