Alongside the missions of governments, academia, and local authorities, the Serra Henriques Foundation aims to be an agile institution in creating network synergies, establishing useful connections between meritorious initiatives, and maximizing resources, thereby contributing to overall effectiveness and global development. 

Message from the President of the Serra Henriques Foundation

Reflecting on the achievements of the Serra Henriques Foundation over the past year provides a sense of mission accomplished while contributing to the common good—an inherently ongoing endeavor.

The public significance of the distinctions we bestow upon universities, their eminent students, personalities, and careers is a recognition of the commitment and excellence that guide the Foundation's multi-annual projects.

Twelve key themes stand out in this review of 2023, but it is important to highlight our cooperation with the Directorate-General for Territory in the implementation of national policies and to note the reach of the program with Infraestruturas de Portugal, in partnership with academia and local authorities.

As we look forward to 2024, we share the enthusiasm of observing the progress of the 'Almada Innovation District' project, to which we have dedicated ourselves in support of the advancement of this unique and significant territory for our country.

Rita Pinto Coelho

The Serra Henriques Foundation is headquartered at building number 1 on Rua da Imprensa à Estrela, a property owned by its founder, Luís Serra Henriques. Opposite stands the São Bento Palace, commissioned in 1877 by Commander Joaquim Machado Cayres as his family residence. His daughter, Gertrudes Cayres Serra Henriques, and her husband, Luís Serra Henriques, left no descendants, leading him to establish the Foundation in his name in 1997.

The two-hectare property also included, since 1598, the former São Bento Convent, which is now the Portuguese Parliament. From 1937 onwards, the palace became the Official Residence of the Prime Minister.