Sustainable Landscape and Architecture Program

Continuing the partnership with PNAP, the Serra Henriques Foundation supports this initiative.

The National Policy on Architecture and Landscape (PNAP) has emerged as a national strategy for the promotion of quality in the fields of architecture and landscape, based on sustainability. This policy identifies several guidelines, including the promotion of education for architecture and landscape and the awareness and training of citizens for architectural, urban and landscape culture.

The Sustainable Landscape and Architecture Programme (PPAS), to be implemented within the scope of PNAP, aims to promote education for sustainability, through architecture and landscape, as a way to empower new generations to understand and face current and future environmental challenges.

By working directly with the educational community, PPAS creates the foundations to drive a significant change in the way children and young people perceive and interact with the world around them, increasing space literacy, making them more aware, responsible, demanding and proactive in the design and preservation of heritage, the built environment and the landscape.

The implementation of the PPAS, in the 2023/2024 school year, focuses on the 2nd Cycle of Basic Education and encompasses the provision of certified teacher training; the online availability of a manual and a bank of activities for teachers and students and the holding of workshops in five schools, distributed throughout the national territory, which frame and support the promotion of a national competition.

The program will close with a national event, dedicated to education, landscape, architecture, heritage and sustainability, with an exhibition of works, dissemination of results, attribution and delivery of prizes.