Education and Citizenship

Public Health Education

Through collaboration with the Directorate-General for Health, Faculties of Medicine and Hospital Centres, the Foundation supports the organisation of conferences, congresses, research centres and the dissemination of good practices in Public Health.

Cooperation with the Academy

Within the scope of the multi-annual programmes, the Foundation collaborates with all Portuguese universities. This is fundamental for the excellence of the National Prize for the Teaching of Architecture (Archiprix Portugal), for the intervention in the deactivated railway heritage or the annual organization of the European Congress of Young Scientists (YES Meeting) and is a strategic commitment of the Foundation in the involvement of the Academy in all initiatives within the scope of Territory, Cultural Heritage, Citizenship and Public Health.

In the same way, and outside the national domain, the Foundation establishes points of academic cooperation with international universities. Special mention should be made of the Publishing Support Programme, which includes the free distribution of books and publications by the most representative universities and research centres in the world.

Promoting School Success 

Within the framework of the educational policy guidelines, the Serra Henriques Foundation collaborates with primary, secondary and higher education schools, in conjunction with tutelages and professional associations, to identify improvements in educational practices, combat early leaving and promote school success.

Of particular note is the collaboration with the School of Recurrent Teaching Masters in Portuguese programmes for Foreigners (IOM: 1998-2000), Vocational Guidance (2001-2003), Sport for Integration (2004-2010) and Education for Citizenship (2018-2020).

Migration, Inclusion and Urban Regeneration 

In partnership with municipalities, NGOs and local entities, the Serra Henriques Foundation develops integrated initiatives in urban territories. It is a multidisciplinary intervention to mitigate social scourges and contribute to structural solutions in the urban, sociological, cultural and educational domains.

Since 1998, the Foundation has collaborated with the School of Recurrent Teaching Masters in various plans for social inclusion and promotion of school success. Of particular note are the programmes of Vocational Guidance, Sport for Integration, Education for Citizenship and Portuguese for Foreigners (in collaboration with the IOM - International Organization for Migration). In the fields of social intervention, about twenty joint intervention actions are carried out annually with parishes and parish centres.

In 2018, the Foundation supported the organization of the PLANO LISBOA project with the aim of creating synergies and mechanisms to bring the community closer together and strengthen cultural identity, using contemporary artistic production and architecture as a means of communication, broad debate and civic construction.

In 2019, a set of initiatives was started to create student residences in the Lisbon metropolitan area.

Reading Promotion 

The Serra Henriques Foundation collaborates with the School Libraries Network Program (PRBE) and the National Reading Plan as a contribution to plural access to knowledge and cultural enrichment.

All of the Foundation's books and publications are free of charge and published in cooperation with the technical and institutional partners in each field.

FSH's Publishing Support Programme selects master's and doctoral theses carried out in the universe of Portuguese universities. The aim of the programme is to disseminate original reference projects and good practice.