Rehabilitation of Deactivated Public Railway Heritage 

IP Património and the Serra Henriques Foundation have established an operational protocol for the elaboration of intervention projects in deactivated railway stations.

"With this mission and the commitment of the Academy, the hope is born to revitalize a vast cultural heritage in the public domain and restore confidence to the most needy places in our country."

Organization: Serra Henriques Foundation | Infrastructures of Portugal - IP Heritage

Participants: ISCTE | University of Bergen | University of Lisbon | University of Porto | University of Coimbra | University of Évora | ISMAT | University of Beira Interior | University of Minho | Portucalense University | INTBAU - International Network of Traditional Urbanism and Architecture

National Meeting with the Academy


National Meeting Rehabilitation of the Deactivated Railway Heritage

The Serra Henriques Foundation organized the National Meeting - Rehabilitation of the Deactivated Railway Heritage on April 22, 2023 at the Oficina de Artes e Ofícios de Porto Brandão.

Exhibition with proposals from five institutions working on the theme, ISMAT, ÉVORA, PORTUCALENSE, UBI, ISCTE.

This was followed by an open debate session between the Academy, Municipalities and Partners.