National Policy on Architecture and Landscape

The National Policy on Architecture and Landscape was approved by the Council of Ministers on the 4th of July, 2015. From an early stage, the Serra Henriques Foundation took up the challenge of the Portuguese Association of Architects to integrate the group of partners for the implementation of this tool which is essential to the development of the territory and regional economies, the sustainability of future constructions and the conservation of the patrimony.

Architecture and Landscape are part of the everyday life of the Portuguese people, greatly determining the quality of their lives. In effect, it is nowadays acknowledged, national and internationally, the decisive role of Architecture and Landscape in the population's well-being, assuring environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability, and the promotion of territorial competitiveness.

The domains of the National Architecture and Landscape Policy are resources of culture and citizenship, and correspond to two distinct disciplinary spheres that should complement each other in a balanced territorial intervention, capable of promoting the built patrimony and the identity of the sites.

It is crucial, within this context, the participation of the organizations of civil society and, considering the relevance of Architecture and Landscape for the common-good, the implementation of a public policy on architecture and landscape is one of Portugal's missions.