The River as an Urban Element

"This project distinguished with the award Archiprix Portugal was developed regarding all of Lisbon's sea/river front and regarding the remaining riverine urbanized areas. Understood as an articulation between strategies, plans and projects, the developed solutions allowed to open an important front of debate concerning the impact of a particular aspect of the climate change phenomenon in Portuguese coastal cities (...) 
The Serra Henriques Foundation's initiative to promote the Portuguese Archiprix Award, destined to those who finish their academic training, constitutes an important incentive, particularly relevant in less favourable periods of the profession's attractiveness. The importance of the Award surpasses the ephemeral contexts of the present, stimulating generations to which the current issues will no longer be relevant, but who deserve to believe that the spaces we build, reuse and share, and where our collective life happens, can always be valued. In other words, we have the duty of passing the younger generations the passion for architecture as a reality and as a discipline."
In preface by Carlos Dias Coelho, University of Lisbon