A mirror for my Oral Health

Edição nacional, 2017

On the World Oral Health Day took place the public presentation of this publication that is the result of the cooperation between the Serra Henriques Foundation, the Directorate-General of Health, the Lisbon Hospital Centre and the National Network of School Libraries.

From this initiative, in-between Health and Education, an innovative project was born, seeking to introduce good practice into the population's behaviour and a determinant commitment in the prevention of sickness and the promotion of health in Portugal.

This project's calling is that of rendering inevitable the integration of the subject of oral health into school's programmes, allowing for an approach to the different subjects that is more competent and effective.

This book invites a direct interaction with the reader by means of a mirrored surface, allowing the child to auto assess his or her oral hygiene. The work also provides information about oral diseases and its consequences, and promotes good health practice.

The interdependencies of hygiene and the promotion of reading in health plans are unquestionable, being the reason why the Serra Henriques Foundation decided to edit this important tool and optimize its impact in a joint effort with the different entities of the ministries of Health and Education.