Pancho Guedes Architecture Award

From the award-winning projects, books of international distribution were published and publicly presented at the Foundation's Art, Education and Culture Centre and at Lisbon Municipality's Galveias Palace.

The Pancho Guedes Biennial Architecture Award by the Serra Henriques Foundation was awarded in 2011 to Pedro Ressano Garcia's Tagus Platform project.

Plataforma Tejo proposes a sustainable reconfiguration of this territory by means of the construction of a landfill, an elevated passageway that, through many other valences, allows access to Portugal's biggest museum (Museum of Ancient Art), creating, simultaneously, a privileged reception area for the Tourist Cruise ship terminal, at Rocha do Conde de Óbidos.

Plataforma Tejo is an innovative concept; it proposes an urban morphology that can be implemented in any port city that wishes to regain its connection with the river/sea. It overcomes, at a low cost, the existing circulation barriers - road or rail - without affecting them, and creates a contemporary public space with different uses - a stage for large events or a suspended garden in the middle of an industrial area.

In 2013, the Prize was awarded by Pancho Guedes to the PhD thesis Maputo, Open City - Investigations on an African Capital, by Fabio Vanin.

With the study over Maputo's visible architectonic changes in the last few decades as the starting point, Fabio Vanin, a scholar of the Mozambican reality, proposes a reflection upon the transformations in the country's modern society, in its various aspects. The winner of the prize is an architect and urban planner, Doctor by the Venice University and project leader in various European (Antwerp, Gent, Gorzow, Poznan) and African (Nairobi) strategic plans. Vanin is also an assistant researcher at Eindhoven's Technical University and at the University of Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg.