This is Modern Architecture

This publication is contextualized, apropos, within the guidelines defined in the National Policy of Architecture and Landscape in what concerns Education towards Architecture, whose main objective is that of contributing to the awareness of the role of Architecture in the city's construction and in the way it affects the lives of its citizens, aiming to boost higher levels of literacy in this area, able to generate a critical mass that demands higher levels of quality and, therefore, promotes greater participation in the processes of city-building.
Acknowledging the importance of the Modern Movement in history and, in particular, in the History of Architecture, the Serra Henriques Foundation joins Docomomo International for this publication, focusing on ten buildings that represent the Modern Movement in Portugal and in Portuguese architecture, hence intending to highlight some of the references of cultural material expression that, by ignorance, may go unnoticed.
It is a bilingual edition that intends to have a role in the disclosure and promotion of Portuguese architecture, in this case concerning the Modern Movement, but also at an international level.
This publication intends to be extensive and address the general public, acquainted or not with these subjects and transversal in education and age.
To reach this object, we choose to use illustration as a conduit of information and a way to captivate audiences. It is a book that tries to conceive a new way of talking about Architecture. With the scientific guidance of Ana Tostões and illustrations by João Fazenda, This is Modern Architecture for all!