Architectural Heritage Exhibition 

places in dormant state

The Serra Henriques Foundation supports this exhibition's organization and the publishing of the concerning book of contents under the curatorship of Maria Rita Pais and Luís Santiago Baptista.

The exhibition originates in a "journey to the invisible" because it focuses on abandoned places of high patrimonial value, that exist in the shadows, inaccessible and unattainable.

There are fifteen case-studies in the Portuguese territory, presented as documents, drawings, canvases or original scale models, films and photographs of one hundred authors (architects, geographers, historians, artists, anthropologists, photographers and cinematographers).

The initiative has the support of the Ministry of Culture and will be presented to the general public during August, 2017, at the Thalia Theatre, in Lisbon, used under the kind permission of the Ministry of Education.

This event seeks to highlight good practice and boost initiatives that lead to the revitalization of spaces, conservation or rehabilitation of this patrimony in a dormant state.