Exhibition of the 2019 Archiprix National Architecture Prize for Universities

The 2019 Archiprix Portugal Prize was presented at Casa da Arquitectura, during an exhibition displaying the best Master's final projects from Portuguese universities, in the areas of Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. The projects mirror the excellence, challenges and aspirations of each candidate, scientific advisor and education institution.

The Archiprix Portugal Prize was instituted in 2012 by the Archiprix Foundation (Rotterdam) and the Serra Henriques Foundation (Lisbon) involving, in a plural and independent way, the Portuguese Association of Architects, universities, the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Casa da Arquitectura, Docomomo Internacional, the Portuguese Association of Urban Planners, the Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects and the Arquitectos Sem Fronteiras Association.

The award honours the excellence of Portuguese education and gives young architects projection to begin their professional careers. For this, institutional and partner entities establish agreements for the promotion of emergent national talents, providing them international projection and privileged public exposure.

Archiprix Portugal is part of the International Archiprix Network constituted by the national awards of Holland, Spain, Chile, Germany, Turkey, Italy, India, Russia, the Balkans and Central Europe (Austria, Bosnia, Hungary and Croatia). The worldwide scoped award - Archiprix International - is also part of the Archiprix network.