Casa da Arquitectura

The Serra Henriques Foundation is an institutional partner of the annual Open House Porto, organized by Casa da Arquitectura in collaboration with Frente Atlântica (municipalities of Oporto, Gaia and Matosinhos), being one of the important cultural enterprises of that metropolitan area.

The two entities share the mission of boosting and supporting education, investigation and promotion of knowledge in the domain of Architecture and the way it influences the life and well-being of the populations.

Casa da Arquitectura's managing director, Nuno Sampaio, is an inherent member of the Consultative Board of Archiprix Portugal, instituted by the Serra Henriques Foundation in 2012.

CASA DA ARQUITECTURA, created in 2007, is a non-lucrative cultural institution of growing importance within the universe of creation and programming of contents towards the national and international promotion and assertion of Architecture's role in society.

Its action involves not only architects but people and entities from various cultural and social areas that promote and sponsor the mission they believe in, regarding the public interest of Architecture. In its Board, the following entities are represented: Municipality of Matosinhos, Municipality of Oporto, Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, the Portuguese Association of Architects, Oporto University's Faculty of Architecture, Administration of the Ports of Douro and Leixões, and Oporto's Business Association.