The Portuguese Association of Urban Planners   

The Portuguese Association of Urban Planners (AUP) is one of the Serra Henriques Foundation's strategic partners regarding the study and reflection initiatives concerning City Policies and Spatial Planning.

The President of AUP, Architect Luís Pedro Cerqueira, and his predecessor, Architect Pedro Guimarães, are inherent members of the Consultative Board of Archiprix Portugal, instituted by the Foundation in 2012. The two entities share initiatives towards the theoretical and practical development of Urban Planning, indispensable for the establishment of a responsible socio-territorial relationship.

Within these domains, two strategic seminars were conducted in cooperation with the municipalities of Oporto and Sintra, and the Ibero-American Congress of Urban Planning. Following these events, the "Carta de Sintra" and the book "Sociedade e Território" were published.

The interactions between Urban Planning, particularly Municipal Masterplans, with the economics of the territory are more and more determinant regarding land value, by interfering in the configuration of uses, with clear consequences upon the paradigms of development, in the forest, the coastal area, in the indexes of desertification and depopulation.

The immediacy and size of the subject summon the commitment of municipalities, civil society, regional commissions, central administration, scholars and specialists.