Valorization of Regions' Cultural Identity 

The Serra Henriques Foundation acknowledges special attention to the methodologies of preservation of regions' cultural identity, to its authenticity and value as factors of differentiation and development.

The work developed among scholars, local authorities, specialists and cultural institutions is a constant process of supporting this nation-wide mission. As it repeatedly happens in the various territorial programmes, whether in the domains of architecture awards, in organizing conferences and wide spreading good practice or in the representation of the European Cities and Regions for Culture.

The various Portuguese regions possess an historical, cultural and architectonic patrimony of undeniable value and growing international projection. The concern with the valorization and safeguard of these rich and diversified assets should, therefore, play a major role in the domain of public policies at central and local level.

The prestige granted to our country's regional diversity will constitute a strong stimuli to the preservation of patrimonial values and an excellent opportunity for Portugal's social, cultural and economic progress.

Collaboration with Municipalities and Regions

Within the sphere of national representation of the Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture (LikeCulture.EU), the Serra Henriques Foundation seeks to boost collaboration among municipalities and articulate the contact with European networks, organizations and institutions in order to favour international cooperation.

LikeCulture's active members have exclusive tools and platforms at their disposal.